Students Explore Post-Secondary Options at Annual College Fair


   On October 19th, South Dade hosted a college and career fair for students interested in learning more about the next steps after graduation. A large number of colleges and universities like the University Of Miami and Florida International University, to branches of the military such the Army and the Marines as well as trade schools like the Paul Mitchell School showcased the variety of options available to students.


  Students have different hopes and wishes when thinking about what comes after high school. Some have dreamt of being able to apply to their dream school while others are still doing research to find the right fit.. “I’ve been looking for colleges that have diversity, flexibility, and various activities that I could choose from,” said junior Janelli Perez.  For some, they look  for familiarity. Going to a school with a lack of diversity can feel a bit alienating to some. For others,  it may not feel uncomfortable moving out of their bubble. Graduating high school gives you a sense of freedom and many young adults dream of the day they are finally able to leave and experience new things for themselves. 


   There are others who already have their preferred college chosen. “I chose to go to Miami Dade, because my goals are simple, and can be met there. I want to go into the Position Assistant Program,” said senior Silvia Núñez. “I know that by going to Miami Dade, I have better chances at getting into the University Of Miami.” Gaining that small amount of independence may be top priority to others, but there are those who have had their goals set in mind. Whether it is a path they’ve determined for themselves, or thinking influenced or the recommendations of their family and friends..


Whether it was a senior nearing a decision or a freshman just learning about what is out there, school administrators hope for the best possible future of their students. “My hope is for students to use the opportunity to gain information from all of the colleges and universities present today. My dream is for them to take that information with them into the future as they pursue their college careers,” said the event’s organizer, College Assistance Program advisor Latear Morales.


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