South Dade Marching Band Receives Donation From County Commissioner Kionne McGhee


Celine Mili

Band director Scott Davis receiving the check from commissioner Kionne McGhee.

At the Homestead vs. South Dade football game, the South Dade Marching Band was recognized by county commissioner and alumni Kionne McGhee for their amazing work with a check for $7,500. “As a former student with Miami-Dade County Public Schools, more specifically South Dade Senior, I am so grateful to be able to give back and support the programs that make a difference in our communities,” said McGhee.

“When I first found out, Mr. DeArmas called me and asked me if I was sitting down,” said band director Scott Davis, “I was really surprised by it because we don’t always get donations of that size.” The band was extremely grateful for this donation, and for Davis, being recognized for the band’s work made the donation even more special. “It feels really good to know that the hard work that we’ve put in rebuilding the band program is being acknowledged by the community.”

For senior band members Miguel Ventura-Gomez and Alejandro Mir, this donation means that they will be getting all new uniforms. “The last time we had proper marching band uniforms was before my freshman year. It’s a new experience that I am very grateful to be part of,” said Alejandro. The band will be fitted for the uniforms, including hats. “I was just really grateful, because we really needed the money, and with all the things we do here, I think we deserve it,” said Miguel.

The Homestead marching band also received a $7,500 donation to help their program. “Our schools are a pivotal part of the function of our communities and families. I will always support sports, music programs and the arts as a whole. If these programs will help change cycles and keep our our children and youth safe, then I am ALL in!” said McGhee.