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Participants perform the Tree Pose to warm up for the rest of their workout.

Build Healthy Lifestyles With BucFit After School Workout Program

May 6, 2022

Led by physical education teacher Jannelle Bergan-Graham, students and fellow staff were encouraged to meet after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays to participate in BucFit, a workout program designed to build “healthy lifestyles to the core”. They also ran on Wednesdays, constantly trying to increase their distances and lower their times. The BucFit program offers a variety of exercises and wellness opportunities perfect for both beginners and those who are more advanced. “I’d say I joined it because I wanted to better myself and have motivation to pursue fitness. It was a bit tough but after going for a few weeks it became easier and it’s something that I ended up enjoying,” said junior Lisete Avila. Being together while working out helps build accountability, especially when you have an awesome leader to help motivate you. “I enjoy working out with everyone because Mrs. Bergan always pushes us further than I know I would push myself. The camaraderie and just knowing that I am going to get a push when I’m working out makes it better,” said biology teacher Rashonda Anderson. After a long day of teaching science to students, getting outdoors to complete a workout is the perfect activity to help her destress.

Rashonda Anderson flips a tire to build core strength. (Gabriel Fuertes)

Seeing your favorite teacher outside flipping a tire or pushing a sled can help put into perspective that even though the workouts might get tough, everyone is there for the same reason, to help build a better lifestyle. “I initially joined to get fitter as well as going to the gym, but I stuck to BucFit because I feel a sense of community with everyone being together,” said junior Cristy Oves. After attending a few workout sessions after school, Christy knew that BucFit would be the perfect fit for her. Similarly, senior Princesa Peralta also joined BucFit after seeing the way everyone works together, but she hoped that joining would help her stay consistent with her main goal of gaining more muscle. “I like that when we struggle, we all struggle together. It’s a sense of community and it gives me motivation,” said Princesa.

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