Troupe 3637 Welcomes Guests to Their Fall Coffee House


Rebekah Tackoor

Senior Brayan Junco and sophomore Alexa Torrens perform The Marriage Counselor.

On Thursday, October 13, the theater room was converted into an intimate café as Troupe 3637 welcomed students to experience a night of acting, singing, dancing and laughing at their fall Coffee House.

After paying a $5 entrance fee, guests enjoyed snacks and coffee provided by the troupe as they waited for the entertainment to begin. Seniors Alexandra Serrano and Brayan Junco emceed the evening, along with the night’s mascot, Charlie the rubber duck. “We haven’t done anything remotely like this and it was fantastic seeing everyone come together to sing, dance, and scream,” said Brayan. He has been part of the theater magnet since his freshman year, but because this year was the first year coffee house has been held in a while, it was his first time hosting the event. “It really shows that this is going to be the best year by far,” said Brayan.

For junior Melayna Rivas, performing on a stage is nothing new, but performing in the comfort of your own classroom has a unique set of positives. “I felt at home and comfortable with the people I was performing in front of because the theater club is like a big family to me,” said Melayna. She sang a total of three different songs, two solos and one duet, and acted in a skit with other troupe members. For the duet, she sang Valentine by Laufey with junior Isabella Balado, and for her solos, she sang idontwannabeyouanymore and Lost Cause by Billie Eilish. “It was actually a magical experience, it was nice to know that my peers support me and cheer me on,” said Melayna.

One of the last performances was a duet by seniors Alexandra Serrano and Nicole Lechin. They sang For Good from the musical Wicked, a duet they’ve been working on since middle school. “Alex and I met in 8th grade, and before then, I never really liked musicals, but she was really into them. She introduced me to this song, and we learned it instantly,” said Nicole. The song talks about changing as a person after meeting someone new, which is something that resonated with them both. “It was really emotional for me to perform it. I feel like the story is like us, even though we are moving away for college, we will always be best friends,” she added. Even though they have known the song since 8th grade, the have saved performing it for their senior year. “We saved the song for competition this year, and I’m just really happy we get to perform it.”