Gabriella Bravo Earns Silver Knight Honorable Mention

After working hard to build up a solid application, Silver Knight nominee Gabriella Bravo was recognized as an honorable mention in her category, English and Literature. “Because I was president of the National English Honor Society, I was pretty confident that I would have everything I needed to have a good application,” said Gabriella. For her community service project, Gabriella tutored kids and made learning a positive experience. Coming from immigrant parents, being recognized in this category was extra special to her. “Having to be able to communicate and using English and using Literature to expand my mind was something I really focused on when applying,” said Gabriella.

Even though she went into the process with confidence, hearing her name being called took her by surprise. “I really wasn’t expecting much because there were a lot of private schools and charter schools there,” said Gabriella. She experienced great support from all of the people there to support her, including CAP advisor Latear Morales, senior counselor Tranese Pratt-Lynch, and her friends and family. “When I heard them say ‘South Dade’ in my category, I was just like, ‘That’s me! That’s me!’ and then they said my name, and everyone was screaming for me, it was great,” said Gabriella.